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It Came From the Cellar! 5e Softcover Book

It Came From the Cellar! 5e Softcover Book

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For D&D 5th Edition. It Came from the Cellar is an adventure for a  party of 4 to 5 characters of level 1-3 and lasts 3-6 hours. This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting. It includes random village encounters that are sure to engage any new or veteran adventurer. The index includes maps, monsters, magic items, combat cards, and paper miniatures. The book is 8.5 x 11, printed on premium color pages, and is 38 pages.

It all started when chickens, dogs, and cats started going missing in the night.  At the Dragon Skull tavern a barmaid disappeared when fetching a cask of wine from the cellar. A monstrous predator stalks from the shadows and the village is in desperate need of heroes.

Will the adventurers discover what is destroying the crops at a nearby farm? Will the heroes investigate the cellar where the barmaid disappeared? Will the explorers discover the network of tunnels that mysteriously appeared below the village? Will they  discover the origin of the Giant Ratipede?

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